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Estate clearances

Old Modern offers full estate clearances at competitive prices. Clearances include the entire house contents including indoors, outdoors, sheds and any other storage areas. 

What to expect from Old Modern: 

  • We will visit the property to provide a quote for estate clearance

  • When quoting an estate, an estimate will be provided to you of the expected price to clear, dispose of and sell items

  • Saleable items will be transported to the auction rooms and sold

  • Any unsalable goods will be donated or disposed of. 

We can offer a flat rate clearance, that is either a set dollar value we pay you for quality estates or a flat rate costs if there is a lot of rubbish.


Otherwise we can charge for collection of goods and the costs of rubbish and related disposals & donations. this transport cost is $80 per hour if only one person is needed. charged from the time we leave the Auction rooms. or $110 per hour for 2 staff if we are moving furniture and bulky items.

The goods are then sold and your total money received will be the sale price of the items, less the 16.5% auction fees less costs.

What we sell from inside the house: 

  • Furniture

  • Vintage electronics, stereos, computers, gaming gear etc

  • Vintage clothing

  • Vintage linen and lace

  • Ornaments, glass, china, retro kitch items

  • Records, CD'S and ephemera

  • Kitchenalia. 

What we sell from the shed (our favourite part):

  • Tools

  • Machinery such as mowers, chainsaws and tractors

  • Cars, motorbikes, boats

  • 'Pubenalia', 'blokenalia' and 'garagenalia'.


Check out the photos we have in our gallery, Facebook or Instagram to get an idea about what sells. 


The rubbish. On top of the time to clear and transport the items, disposal generally costs:  

  • Disposal is charged the same as for a skip bin, but may vary depending on your location (approx $98 a cubic metre)

  • Mattresses are $35 each

  • Tyres are $5 each

  • Metal items including white foods and e-waste are free. 

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