Estate Clearances

Full House Clearance


We Offer great prices on entire house contents, offering you the best price we can on the complete contents of the estate. indoors, outdoors sheds and wherever else stuff is stored.


The saleable items will be transported to the auction rooms and sold, all the unsalable goods will be donated or disposed of. We can provide an estimate of the expected sale prices but cannot give guarantees, as it is an auction. Most goods will start at a fair sale price and not at zero, fair sale price is an amount we feel is acceptable to sell the goods at, trying not to just give your items away. items that are hard to sell, unfashionable furniture and general household will start unreserved. Miscellaneous small items will be grouped together and sold as lots, auction lots are aimed to be $50 and up.


we will provide a quote in regard to the cost of clearing, that is how much it will be for disposal of rubbish and for the time associated with clearing and transporting goods to the auction rooms. Then once your goods have been sold we will pay you out the sale prices.


what sells from the house

- Furniture

- Vintage Electronics, Stereos, Computers, Gaming Gear etc

- Vintage Clothing

- Vintage linen & Lace

- Ornaments, Glass, China, Retro Kitch Bits and Bobs

- Records, CD'S and Ephemera

- Kitchenalia

- Etc etc


From the Shed  ( our favourite part of the house)

- Tools

- Machinery: Mowers, Chainsaws Tractors

- Cars, Motorbikes, Boats

- 'Pubenalia', 'Blokenalia' 'Garagenalia'


Check out the photos we have in our gallery or go to the Old Modern Facebook and Instagram page to see photos we put up. This should give you a good idea of the things we are into and what sells.




We charge the same cubic meter rate for rubbish as you would be charged for a skip bin. It's not always exactly the same, depends on you location, but will fall around the $80 a Cubic Meter.


All Mattresses are $30 for us to dump, Tyres are $5 each.


Metal is FREE. We do not include in the cubic meters of dumping, as it will be recycled which is no cost to us. Just charge for the time associated with transport. This includes fridges and white-goods and E-Waste and anything else that is majority metal.