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What We Sell.

We sell all sorts of Vintage, Antiques & Collectables. We can take in entire estate or you can come down to the rooms with a few bits and bobs. if you go to our bidsonline account from the link below and check out our past auctions to get a general idea of the goods we sell and the prices that they may achieve. This is an auction however and prices vary over time.

Lots need to average a sale price of $100 to keep the doors open and lights on so small low value items will generally be grouped together to get the value up. we will always however let you consign a few cheap lots when consigning more expensive things, we work on averages. Further details in the 'Auction Rooms' tab.

Types of goods


Some Furniture is very easy to sell and some is very hard. 1960's / 70's Teak furniture sells, quality antiques are strong but most modern furniture we cannot sell. We will generally request a txt message with photos of the goods.


We can sell both vintage & Modern Tools


Sell well

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